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Affiliate Marketing: Expectations VS Reality

Affiliate Marketing: Expectations VS Reality

Affiliate marketing is one of the hidden gems for companies willing to boost the sales rapidly and effectively. This strategy has been growing along with online business, resulting in value of 12 billion USD (AWIN report).

This is genuinely a win-win principle: the seller may increase the revenue without spending uncertain amounts on marketing, while the partner gets the commission from every affiliated purchase. Thus, no surprise many entrepreneurs wonder whether applying this strategy is worth implementing.

However, some may have too high expectations of affiliate marketing (mostly due to the lack of knowledge). Let’s break down a few major misconceptions of it:

Affiliate marketing will make you a millionaire overnight
This is a common way to think of the strategy in a wrong way – that is way it is called a STRATEGY. To obtain sustainable results you need to learn various things, starting from copywriting, smart ways of driving traffic and so on. What is more, affiliate marketing as a business model does not eliminate other things to deal with. Of course, for every rule there is an exception, however, realistic expectations and constant willingness to improve will help you to achieve consistent results.

Secret traffic sources exist
The statement may attract some clients, but think about it: is there really a need to reinvent a wheel? The biggest social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have soooo much traffic! Those platforms are the places where millions of users spend their time as consumers, and voila – the secret sauce is available for you today.  
If you are looking for the best ways to start selling your product, look for the reliable partnership networks which will ensure the successful outcome of the affiliate marketing implementation process.

Simple ≠ easy
Simple business model of affiliate marketing doesn’t mean it is going to be easy to implement – you still need to learn a lot to succeed in this business, so prepare to work hard.

Getting rich from one product
YES, it is possible to close some deals with lifetime commissions. However, the industry changes rapidly, it is normal the products change and some stop selling at all. Thus, it is important to keep looking for lucrative opportunities, and having a backup plan won’t hurt you either.

Learning affiliate marketing once will make you earn forever
Again, the industry is VERY dynamic – online business is growing and changing rapidly, so keep on learning and adjusting your strategy according to new directions the industry may take.

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