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Affiliate Marketing Complete Solution for Advertisers
Partnership. Get clients from hundreds of publishers. We take care of the whole process organization - we provide an online platform, attract affiliates to your
offers and generate more revenue.
Fast-growing companies win markets with partnerships
Affiliate programs transform the publishers, agencies and marketers who already sell to your ideal customers into an extension of your sales team.
That's why the fastest-growing Online, Tech and SaaS companies use partnerships to drive acquisition, retention, and revenue, beyond what's possible alone.

And it's why companies choose ECO Global to help make it happen.
Thousands of companies are actively developing affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is one of the largest sources of online revenue
for companies, accounting for more than 16% of all sales
in the U.S. and Canadian online commerce
How ECO Global powers your sales
ECO Global is a Affiliate Network created to accelerate recurring revenue generation for both companies and the partners they work with - because the success of your partners is yours.
Achieving your goals
Give us a goal and we will achieve it together - no matter how difficult and large it is.
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Attract partners
By joining our network, you gain access to our network of partners, as well as we are engaged in attracting more partners especially to promote your offers.
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Hundreds of partners
- one account
Affiliate program management in our network comes from one account. You see the statistics and results for each of the hundreds of affiliates that promote you.
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Partner Management
We manage the network partners so that you receive only quality traffic and your sales increase with each month. Your success is our success.
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Get access to
the best partners
Leave a request and if your company has a quality product that meets our criteria - hundreds of partners will start to promote you by СPA (сost-per-action), CPL (cost-per-lead) or CPS (сost-per-sale) model.
Top notch partner marketing tools
for every Advertisers and Publishers.
Platform Management
    • Unlimited users and offers
    • Multi-currency and timezones
    • Invitations codes
    • Admins and employees
    • Privacy management
      • S2S integration
      • Pixel tracking and timezones
      • Advanced targeting
      • Caps
      • Trafficback
        • Real-Time Data
        • Multi-functioned reports
        • CSV analysis
        • Logs
        Individual Approach
        • Dedicated Advertiser manager
        • 24/7 support
        • Free onboarding session
        How it works
        for Advertisers
        Request and Zoom call
        Fill out the application form on the website and we will make a call to you to see if your company is suitable for promotion
        Project evaluation
        We evaluate your project by dozens of criteria to select the best promotion strategy
        Marketing plan development
        We develop a marketing plan to promote on our platform so that you have a complete understanding of the value and results that you can achieve
        Preparation of promotional material
        We help create a promotional package and upload your promotional materials to the platform (banners, landing pages, content, etc.).
        Integration with the platform
        We integrate the platform with your promotional materials so that you receive complete statistics automatically for each clicks, leads and sales from each partner
        Affiliates lead the traffic
        Once everything is set up, you receive clients and sales from partners and pay them commissions according to the terms and conditions specified in your offers.
        Top 3 reasons to choose us
        Our approach is very different from standard marketing solutions.
        Сomplete solution
        We are your long-term partners. We develop a strategy, provide a platform, attract partners and develop sales.
        Marketing Support
        We develop the marketing plan, to choose the best strategy to achieve your goals
        Additional growth channel
        It does not matter what you use in your marketing strategy. Thanks to us, you will get more customers and sales without risk.
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