Why are we so excited
about Affiliate Marketing?
ECO Global is the company of the future.
Find out what drives us.
Promote the prosperity of ethical online business around the world with the help of affiliate marketing

We do it:
a) helping our advertisers with quality online products to attract more customers and grow even faster

b) helping our publishers and affiliates earn more and build
an online businesses worth owning, lives worth living and experiences worth giving

My name is Igor Glotkin, I am a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of ECO Global. My affiliate marketing journey started back in 2013, when I founded my first online business - social media marketing company.

Back then, I already strongly believed in the power of Affiliate Marketing, and it was the right feeling: the industry has been growing rapidly and this trend is likely to last long.

Thanks to experience of hundreds of marketing projects, today we are ready to share with you the product which embodies the win-win concept: placing advertisers and publishers at the same platform. That is how everyone gets the most value of using it: riskless profits for advertisers and income opportunities for publishers.

We strongly believe ethical behavior can bring significant benefits to a business, thus ECO Global chooses to work with products that are beneficial for the society and evolution.

To maximize the experience of conscious marketing, we have decided to make the platform free of charge for all the participants.

Igor Glotkin
Founder and CEO
at ECO Global Network
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