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About Webinar
Your company provides with b2b services?

You have definitely experienced with 6 BIG PROBLEMS:
1. Not enough: it's hard to find target contacts
2. Too expensive: high cost of leads
3. Low conversion: distrust and failure of deals at the last moment
4. Too Long: months pass from application to transaction
5. It's so hard: misunderstanding of your solutions
6. Tired of hiring: hired agencies and business development managers
fails to achieve sales plans

If this sounds familiar to you and you want a system b2b marketing solution - then you should definitely attend this webinar. You will learn about effective strategies that allow us to receive up to 75 daily b2b leads worldwide, investing no more than $35 in each and effectively converting them into customers without long negotiations and large sales departments.

We'll give you a solution that will clone your best salespeople (that might be you) 1,000 times over and automate 80% of the challenges in your marketing and sales department

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Who is this webinar for?
For anyone who provide with great b2b services
Get a strategy and action plan to build a business development department in 1 month, that does does not depend on expensive and star salespeople
CXO Level
Learn how to stand out from the competition, fulfill sales plans, increase conversions and shorten the deal cycle
B2B Experts
Learn how to how to clone yourself 1,000 times over and how to save time on sales
Webinar Speaker
The founder of ECO Global Network will provide practical content
Igor Glotkin
Founder at ECO Global
What you will learn at the webinar
Concrete examples of how we get 10 to 75 leads a day for b2b through online events, for ourselves and our clients.
Learn how to achieve your goals with effective strategies - how to increase target contacts, reduce the cost of the request, shorten the transaction cycle, increase conversion to sales and simplify the entire process
Action plan
Get a concrete plan of action, which we'll break down in a webinar. You will calculate the profit and understand what return you will get. Get a free template that you can use to implement yourself.
What do you get
after the webinar?
We will send a video recording of the webinar free of charge to your email the next day. You will also receive an action plan template and profit calculation of an effective marketing strategy for b2b
Webinar postponed. We will notify you.

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